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Jacks Engineering Control Solutions Ltd are able to provide an experienced maintenance team with the capability to undertake any preventative or remedial works on Solar, wind and hydro systems. Jacks Engineering Control Solutions Ltd are able to fault find on both A/C and D/C and then provide a report of recommended remedial works to the client. We will then complete all of the necessary works under our own management and ensure a quick resolution to any problems, minimising any lost performance and income from a faulty renewable energy system.

We also offer system health checks and work through all aspects of the system to ensure healthy operation and reduced risk of potential future issues.

See below for the type of faults we can resolve:

• Damaged underground cables - Not all PV installations are done to a high standard and we regularly see damaged cables that either weren’t buried to a suitable depth, didn’t have sufficient soft cover above and below the cable, allowing penetration from stones or sharp objects and even incomplete ducting offering no mechanical protection to cabling systems. It’s not uncommon for rodents to also eat at insulation causing short circuits on DC cables.

• Incorrect connections of DC components - Not all installers are aware that string MC4 connectors need to be compatible with the PV panels MC4 connector. If they don’t make the proper connection then it will arc and the connection will overheat and fail.

• Switchgear that isn’t suitable for its environment - Whether it be an incorrect IP rating, damaged or poorly fitted equipment, right through to poor design of equipment itself, nuisance tripping can be very costly. 

• Damaged modules - Some modules develop faults for no apparent reason and some may be damaged by direct collisions by animals or vandalism. One faulty module on a string will bring down the performance of the entire string. We can identify and replace damaged PV modules bringing your system back up to its full performance.


• Hydro Control System, commissioning and maintenance including fining tuning of Jets for Turbines

• Faulty string inverters - Inverters can fail for a number of reasons. We’re able to replace inverters easily.

Whatever your Renewable Energy issue, we can help

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